Monday, March 10, 2008

Dry Clean Only

New Years Eve of 2005/2006 I was in Chicago with friends and found myself in need of a black knit cap. I wanted something that would be warm, but a little dressier than my heavy blue LL Bean watch cap. My friends were very noble, humoring me as we walked up and down Michigan Avenue on a brisk winter evening. I finally found a cap in a clearance bin and was satisfied that the price was about what I would expect to pay for some sort of man-made acrylic cap--serviceable in that the only real requirements were "black" and "cheap". I was pleased, too, that even though it was so inexpensive it actually had a pretty nice texture--very soft and pretty darn warm to be so thin. So today, over two years later I happened to look inside and found a tiny tag I'd never noticed before. It says: 50% cashmere, 30% extra fine wool, 20% silk, made in Philippines, DRY CLEAN ONLY. That amuses and satisfies me far more than it probably should. Thanks, life, for finally throwing me a bone.

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