Friday, October 07, 2016

Restored 1929 Old Town Sponson Canoe

This is a vintage Old Town canoe that my father-in-law restored. Built in 1929, it was damaged in a tornado in April of 2011. It has been repaired and restored to original specs using historically accurate hardware and trim. And it's for sale.

All wood repairs were completed with carefully hand-crafted replacement pieces, and using hardware tacks and screws as specified by Old Town. The seats were restored by hand by a caning craftsman in Ohio. All woodwork was done by the current owner. The boat was repaired, re-canvassed with new canvas, sealed to Old Town specifications, and professionally painted to match the original color. New and replaced wood parts include the gunwales of spruce, sponson gunwales and keel of white oak, and decks of cherry. New bang irons, canvas, filler, and decals are supplied by the Fall River Canoe Company. 99% of the hardware screws are original hardware.

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