Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mobile Manager for Netflix

As much as I love my Blackjack II Windows Mobile phone, there are some things that you just can't do with it. Now, there's one less. I've always been disappointed with the limited capability of the Netflix mobile site. One recent night at a friend's house I tried without success to view my watch instantly queue. I just couldn't get to it from the Netflix mobile site. 

A few days ago, though, I got an email newsletter from Windows Mobile Total Access that advertised a new, free, Netflix Mobile App for Windows phones. I downloaded and installed it and now I can view both my Netflix queues, add movies to my queue, and even rearrange the movies. The interface is more graphical than the Netflix mobile website, and includes thumbnails of the movie DVD covers. It's a great addition to a growing collection of really useful apps for Windows mobile. 

I had no problems with the download or install, and it's just worked as expected since I installed it, so I don't really have any tips or tricks to add, just if you haven't tried it, go get it here:

And of course, if what you're really looking for is a Netflix app for the Blackberry, well, there is at least one. I found this one by just doing some googles. You "all-business" Blackberry types can find your Netflix fix here:

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