Monday, April 13, 2009

Clearing the address bar in mobile IE

If you're using a Samsung Blackjack 2 you've no doubt run across this. You want to type an address into the address bar of the browser to visit a specific site. So you press the right soft-key to get to "menu -> address bar" and the bar opens with the cursor there so you can type. But the address of the page you're currently on is also there. You can hold down the delete key (the arrow pointing to the left, just below the button for the letter P.) That will delete one. character. at. a. time. Tedious. Instead, hold down the "back" button (gray icon of a "u-turn" symbol, very top row of keys on the right.) That will clear the entire address, leaving only the "http://" -- so you're ready to type the new address.

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