Wednesday, March 02, 2011

My Flickr Bicker

I've had an account on for a really long time--so long I don't really know how long. The oldest picture I have on there is from 2006 . For backing up, sharing, and ordering prints of photos I usually use Google's Picasa web service. Recently I had occasion to revisit Flickr as part of a staff-training exercise where I work. Here's what I was reminded of.

I like the layout and features of Flickr better. And there are people I know who use it and that I have connections too. And they've really evolved some great tools that I wasn't aware of like the ability to search for photos based on geography. So, if I like it so much, why no just use it? Well, because Google is free. I've got about 175 photos up on Flickr. From time to time I'll go through and clean out the ones I'm tired of, and upload some different ones. Because unless you pay for Flickr you can only upload 200 photos. Technically, that's not correct. You can upload more than 200--you just can't actually view them. And isn't that the point after all? I'm not sure why Flickr has stuck with the archaic 200 item limitation for their free accounts. I guess the business model is successful enough that they can. But I don't care. I want to upload more than 200 photos. Even if there's still a limit, 200 just isn't enough. And I know they won't listen, but that isn't the point of a gripe session anyway. So, flickr, loosen up on the disk space and let me upload more than 200 photos for free.

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