Monday, March 21, 2011

Ól, ceol, bia agus craic

For good food you can't beat tapas at The Blue Dog Bakery and Cafe on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville. They're only open Thursday - Saturday evenings, from 7:00 pm until 10 or 11:00. Wine list and full bar, plus a variety of meat and veggie tapas and outstanding pizzas.

Need something good to listen to? How about some Arturo Sandoval. Try the free music player at Even people who think they don't like jazz are going to find their hips starting to move when they hear what this guy is doing.

And if you need to slow it down and read a good book while you're sitting on a beach or at poolside, for Summer reading I highly recommend Of Love and Other Demons by Gabriel García Márquez. This is a novella about demonic possession or intellectual obsession, or both. Beautifully translated from the original Spanish, it's a lyrical and mesmerizing storytelling turn from one of the great masters of our era.

[Insert non sequitur about wikis here:]
I can see where wikis can be really useful in some settings, and I've actually used and helped create at least one for that sort of thing. But I am one of those old fogeys who also doesn't think that a wiki is quite right for some endeavors. I don't think that the so-called wisdom of the collective mind is the equal in terms of authority and expertise a credentialed, focused, peer-reviewed body of research.

(18 - 19 -- in case you couldn't tell.)

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